Eligibility for Ticket to Work Program

Most SSDI and SSI beneficiaries are eligible for the Ticket to Work program; however, the program is not available to those who:

  • Are expected to improve medically but have not yet had a continuing disability review (but people who have received benefits for three years without a review become eligible for the Ticket to Work program)
  • Receive only state supplement SSI payments (who are not receiving any federal money)
  • Receive Section 301 payments while participating in a state department of rehabilitation program
  • Are getting continued benefits while appealing a medical cessation decision
  • Attain age 18 and continue to receive SSI benefits under the childhood disability standards
  • Receive temporary benefits under the expedited reinstatement rules, or
  • Receive advance payments for presumptive disability or presumptive blindness (just until the SSA grants disability benefits for the disability or blindness).

Duration of Ticket to Work Program

Once you assign your ticket to an EN or your state department of vocational rehabilitation, you begin a seven-year program of education, job training, and work.

Suspension of Continuing Disability Reviews

While you are pursuing a Ticket to Work program and meeting your timely progress requirements, Social Security cannot initiate a continuing disability review (known as a CDR, a review to determine whether your medical condition has improved).

Free Services Available With Ticket

SSDI and SSI beneficiaries may sign up for services with an EN, or with their state department of rehabilitation, by assigning their Ticket to Work to the EN or department of vocational rehabilitation.

Watch Social Security’s Ticket 2 Work Introduction Video!

Ticket To Work Reviews

The Ticket to Work team is pleased to receive wonderful feedback from young people, employers, parents and partner organisations. A selection of these are below and attest to the value of Ticket to Work and its related workplace preparation, work experience.


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